David Hasselhoff Acting Special!

Season 4 Episode 1 : Race Against Time Part 1

In this episode we see the introduction of Mitch and Hobies super cool secret father-son handshake.

Later on in the episode Mitch sees Hobie do their secret handshake with Flash Gordon.

Mitch Buchannon is disturbed.

Then we see a range of emotions portrayed beautifully by Mr Hasselhoff. From shock, to disappointment, sadness, anger, storming off like a big baby and finally the face of a man heartbroken by the betrayal of his only son.

Truly emotional. I felt like I was actually there. An unforgettable moment in TV history.

Special mention to the cereal in the background. Mitch’s favorite.

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    I thought he had a tiny little clone of himself.
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    LOL I love his heartbreak at the end. “DAMN YOU, FLASH GORDON!!!”
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    I can’t tell you how much I love the bug-eyed CONCERN! look in the third GIF. It’s my favorite nugget of Hasselhoff...
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