RIP Jimi Jamison (August 23, 1951 – August 31, 2014)

Forever and always, I’m always here

That very special episode where Mitch & Matt took off their shirts and beat up some native Hawaiians and broke all of their spears.

Even in the second episode the banter between Mitch and Garner is present and accounted for.

Cooking at the Buchannon household

01x01 Panic at Malibu Pier

What better way to celebrate the 62nd birthday of The Hoff than by watching his incredible Hasseldunk?

Remember when Bill Clinton was on Baywatch, and he had a bumbling bodyguard named Deadly Dawson, played by that one guy who’s played like 5 different characters on this show by now, and they found a tube on the beach that they thought was a bomb but it was actually just a kid’s toy tube, and then he starts going “vroom vroom” with it because how else are you supposed to play with a tube?